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Wentworth Military Academy & College
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Thank you for taking the time to read a synopsis of my most recent specialized qualifications and skills. I welcome any questions you may have.

Position Classification Appeals, DoD IG Process, Qualifications Determination, Military IG Complaint, Discrimination Complaint



07/2011 – 03/2019 (Retired)

Washington, DC

HR Specialist (Classification)

Serves as an Appeals Adjudication Officer for the Classification Appeals Adjudication Section of the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS).  Adjudicates first level classification and wage appeals, advisory opinions, requests for reconsideration of decisions rendered by regional offices, and special cases.  As required, reviewed appeals received in the office.  Though knowledge and practical understanding of adverse actions, RIF, and other appeal and complaint procedures available to Federal employees, decides appropriate disposition of the case.  Accepts appeals meeting the criteria outlined in Subchapter 6 of the FPM 511 and returns cases to initiator when it is determined that the issues raised are resolvable through the agency’s grievance procedure, EEO complaint procedure or other appeal channel or complaint procedure pertinent to the issues presented.  Acknowledges and determines course of action within four working days of receipt of the request.  

Applies an organized approach to the case study, fact-gathering and adjudication process.  In the interest of effective utilization of time, works more than one case concurrently assuring effective use of “wait” time (i.e., waiting on scheduled audits, responses to correspondence, etc.).  Takes the initiative in gathering, verifying, and/or seeking clarification of job functions to assure the “whole” job is treated properly.  Conducts classification audits and applies other means of fact-gathering/verifying techniques.  Write decisions in the adopted format, paying special attention to address all factors bearing on the classification.  As required, addresses issues associated with the appeal such as issues of retroactive pay, back pay, etc.  Applies professional classification knowledge in the adjudication of cases referred.  Prepares advisory opinions on coverage (determination of pay system), classification and related issues.  Evaluates request and determines validity.  Recommends acceptance where there is evidence of reasonable doubt as to the technical accuracy of the initial appeal decision.  Where new information is presented, considers the appropriateness of reopening the case and remanding the case to the region for their review and decision.  Decides all classification issues for reopened cases.  Issues are extremely complex and involve minor subtleties in the law or controlling standard.  Serves as an action specialist on special cases such as when appellants are represented by unions, and attorneys including cases being contested in the courts.  Manages these special cases assuring coordination with all interested parties, establishes requirements, timetables and an overall action plan in order to maintain control of all activity related to the case.  Prepares special analyses, evaluations and justifications as required in position classification appeals or in support of requests for new or revised Schedule A, B, and C authorities for final approval by OPM.  Arranges or participates in arranging DoD programs or seminars to train or discuss the impact of new or revised issues/regulations on classification.  Keeps abreast of new developments in classification and related issues at OPM, DoD and other Federal and private sector entities and organizations.  Provides staff assistance on behalf of DCPAS to DoD components and OPM.  Interfaces assigned program areas with other programs; recognizes potential impact of programmatic recommendations and takes appropriate action, to include elevating issues to team chief/supervisor.  Conducts special projects and studies as determined necessary.  Prepares reports or briefings as required and keeps team chief/supervisor informed as progress occurs.  Participates on working groups or ad hoc committees as the need arises.  Presents and defends the interests of  DoD in these forums while contributing to the overall effectiveness of Federal sector operations.  


Prepares responses to congressional inquiries, participates in program development projects and accomplishes demographic studies.  Carries out important technical staff-type assignments (e.g., may analyze an appeals program management of procedural problem, prepare a recommended solution with full supporting facts and reasoning, and, as appropriate, prepare an instruction for DoD-wide use.).  Reports to the Chief, of the Classification Branch.  Works independently, and is responsible for technical expertise.  Completed work is usually accepted without detailed review.  Guidelines include Civil Service classification standards and guides, applicable provisions of the Federal Personal Manual, Title 5, U.S. Code.

Coalition Provisional Authority - IG, Pentagon

3/2004 – 4/2005

Crystal City, VA US

Deputy Assistant Inspector General (Hotline Supervisor)                       

Plans, directs, conducts and monitors inspector general (IG) programs and equipment. Provides policy guidance, procedures, planning, oversight and direction for implementing the CPA's Inspection System, Complaints Program, and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) program. Operates, manages and administers the CPA-IG office and associated programs. Serves as the Deputy Assistant IG (DAIG) - Hotline, advisor to the Assistant IG (AIG) and the IG on issues related to and affected by the IG programs. Plans and manages the information flow in support of the complaints processing; fraud waste and abuse reporting; reprisal and whistle blower protection; records release; and congressional inquiries. Advises and trains managers and organizational personnel on IG responsibilities, policies, programs, issues and procedures through education and awareness programs. Created the Complaints and Inquiries Directorate (Hotline) from scratch. This includes the development, implementation and promulgation of new agency IG policy regarding the handling and processing of complaints. The CPA-IG, a newly created governmental agency was tasked to stand up Hotline office by 30 Mar 04 and to have it fully operational on that date. This was accomplished in part by overcoming insurmountable odds. Wrote and implemented the Complaints and Inquiries Inspector General Standing Operating Procedures (SOP) and Investigating Officers' Guide (IO). Established and maintains a complaint tracking system, and a complaint database (ACTS II+). As a senior investigator, responsible for supervising and leading a team of investigators conducting and managing complex criminal and administrative investigations resulting from Hotline reports involving allegations of irregularities, fraud, conflicts of interest, and improprieties on part of the members of the military service, civilian employees and persons or entities contracting with the federal government. These complex investigations are violations of Titles 10, 15, and 18 of the United States Code, including program and property fraud, bribery, larceny, conflict of interest, anti-trust violations, and other Federal statutes covering fraudulent activities and violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Supervises and manages a team responsible for conducting investigations into Hotline allegations of fraud and violations of numerous Federal acts affecting labor law provisions, DoD contracts, and fraudulent deviation from, or failure to comply with, DoD contract specifications. Serves as the team leader for complex investigations involving the supervision of other investigative and support personnel. As the CPA Hotline Team supervisor, expertly prioritizes and reviews all incoming complaints and allegations from CPA Hotline, employees and other individuals. Based on knowledge of team workload, assigns cases to respective team members and sets suspense dates. Works diligently to plan and execute criminal investigations.

Inspector General - USAF (NJ Air National Guard)

10/2001 to 03/2004

November 2001 – May 2002,  177th Inspector General, Acy, N.J.; Plans, directs, conducts, and monitors inspector general (IG) programs, equipment, and activities. Provides policy guidance, procedures, planning, oversight, and direction for implementing the Air Force's Inspection System, Complaints Program, and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Program at wing/installation levels. Operates and manages the Office of the Inspector General. Responsible for overall operation, administration, and management of IG programs. Formulates, plans, and establishes guidance and direction for administration, operation, training, employment, maintenance, supply, and safety of IG programs, resources, and activities; complaint processing; FWA; military reprisal investigations and whistle blower protection; administrative investigations; use, denial, and release of IG records; and related education and awareness programs. Organizes IG activities. Develops, establishes, and controls methods and procedures to implement IG policies and programs. Provides direction and policy guidance and reports concerning IG programs. Provides IG support. Maintains
liaison with complainants and those seeking information. Determines customer needs through analysis of information. Establishes Office of the Inspector General procedures to receive, process, refer, and manage information, resources, assets, and activities to support Complaints Program and FWA Program. Reviews and evaluates IG programs and activities. Initiates corrective action. Knowledge of Air Force operation employment concepts, leadership and management concepts and objectives, and their relationship to mission accomplishment is a must. 

Inspector General - US Air Force

09/2002 to 04/2003

September 2002 - April 2003, Inspector General, USAF, Headquarters Pentagon Washington, D.C.,
Headquarters Air Force, Inspector General, Inquiries Directorate - Action Officer. Focal point for resolving MAJCOM policy questions. Worked to assist and provide guidance to MAJCOM/IGs to process complaints in a professional and timely manner. Articulated command policy to wing/unit IGs regarding how to investigate allegations. Provided oversight - garnered MAJCOM/field support. Prioritized daily complaint order of merit to always meet high-level special interest item suspenses. Commanded the handling of IG reviews, inquiries, investigations conducted at the MAJCOM level in response to congressional/other high-level inquiries, IG complaints FWA disclosures and allegations against senior civilian and military officials. Analyzed problems and developed and implemented lasting solutions - trouble shooter. Assisted with the development of command-wide policies. Ensured replies to inquiries were well researched technically accurate & time honored. Processed at the headquarters level (complaints program) complaints involving Fraud, Waste and Abuse (FWA) throughout the Air Force. Processed and provided oversight to MAJCOM IGs on military reprisal investigations and whistle blower protection. 


Chief, Military Equal Opportunity Officer - USAF (NJ Air National Guard).

05/1997 to 11/2001

May 1997 - November 2001. 177th FW Military Equal Opportunity, Chief, Acy, N.J.: Assess and analyze military equal opportunity (MEO), human relations (HR) climate and incidents for the 177th FW. Process discrimination and sexual harassment complaints. Conducts training and publishes materials for wing population. Prepares unit's Annual Affirmative Action Report.  Provides oversight to the wing drug testing program and conducts the appropriate training and education classes. Acts as liaison for commanders in the MEO/HR arena; assesses the health of the units and makes recommendations for improvement when necessary.



Howard University School of Divinity

Washington, DC 20008

Doctors Degree of Ministry – May 2022    

Howard University School of Divinity

Washington, DC  20008

Master’s Degree of Divinity – December 2019

Major: Biblical Interpretation


Troy State University         

Montgomery, AL US 

Master's Degree - 6/1993 (MBA)

Major: Economics

The Citadel 

Charleston, SC  

Bachelor's Degree - 12/1977

Major: Psychology (Experimental)

Minor: Pre-Med 

Wentworth Military Academy

Lexington, MO 64067

Associate Degree – 6/1975

Major: Pre-medicine

Job Related


Civil Service Education - OPM/USAF

1997 Personnel Staffing (DoD Stability/Stopper Trng)

1996 USAF Civilian Personnel Mgmt Crs

1995 Civil Service Retirement Crs

1995 USAF Non Appropriated Fund Pers Mgmt Crs

1994 USAF Civilian Supv Crs

1994 Basic Labor Relations Crs

1994 Personnel Management Crs – Resource Mgmt

1993 Personnel Mgmt Crs – MAJCOM Mobility Trng

1991 Personnel Mgmt Basic Employee Relations Crs

1991 Personnel Staffing Crs – FPM Sup 296-33

1991 Affirmative Employment Program Managers Crs

1989 Position Classification Intro Crs


Military Education - USMC:

1985 US Army Field Artillery School

1978 The Basic School

1978 Communications - Electronics School

1974 & 1976 Officer Candidate School


Military Education - USAF:

2003 US Army Inspector General School

2001 Installation Inspector General Trng Crs

1999 Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI)

1993 Air Command and Staff College (ACSC)

1992 Professional Military Comptroller School

1992 Accounting and Finance Officer's School

1990 Squadron Officer's School

1990 Budget Officer's School

1988 Cost Analysis Officer's School

1988 Comptroller Staff Officer School 


Position Classification Appeals, DoD IG Process, Qualifications Determination, Military IG Complaint, Discrimination Complaint



Position Classification Appeals, DoD IG Process, Qualifications Determination, Military IG Complaint, Discrimination Complaint



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